Heat to

Generating emission free electric power

We transform low temperature waste heat from marine, industry and geothermal sources into clean electricity. A large portion of the world's energy consumption can be supplied by waste heat and geothermal sources.

Renewable Energy

With SRM Powerbox technology it is economically viable to produce electricity even from individual geothermal wells with temperatures from 70-160 °C and heat power from around 5 MW.


More than 50 % of all energy used in industrial processes is lost and not used today. SRM Powerbox can be used to generate electricity from e.g. industry cooling, pressure reduction of steam, flue gases as well as waste heat and steam.

Marine & Gen-Sets

A huge potential for InEpact Powerbox as both the engine cooling, and the exhaust gases can be used for generating electricity. The heat transfer to InEpact Powerbox can be through hot water, thermal oil or steam. For decarbonisation and major cost savings within the Marine industry, read about our HEMOS project for more information.

Low temperature heat turned into clean electricity

Number of SRM Powerbox



The Climate issue – Our driver

In the next few decades, renewable energy production, and efficient and smart energy use, will increasingly dominate the energy systems around the world. The companies that will be able to adapt to change and use innovative technologies where it makes sense will be successful players on this new and greener field. We are a part of this transformation by delivering innovative, proven solutions. Based on our unique, patented rotor machine technology, we are already developing the energy systems of tomorrow, and installing them for customers all over the globe.

The market is growing rapidly

The market for renewable energy is undergoing rapid growth, with a predicted 43% increase until 2022 (IEA, 2017). This change is driven by several factors, such as cost-effective technology, policy change, and an increased demand for clean energy.

Efficient energy utilisation is equally important to renewable production as we build a sustainable future.