About us

InEpact is a high-tech leader in energy efficiency development. We combine innovation and technology development with competitive manufacturing on a larger industrial scale for the global market.

A sustainable world is not possible without technology for effective energy systems. We can make a difference in a changing world. Our Heat-to-Electricity technology is unique and contributes in solving the global climate challenges we face.

Our history

Our heritage is from Svenska Rotor Maskiner (SRM), and one of the first success stories of SRM is the Ljungström air preheater, invented in the 1920s, that has had a profound role in power stations around the world. In 1995, it was selected as a landmark invention by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

It has made a major contribution to increasing the efficiency of large power stations and is still today one of the products in the world that has reduced most carbon emissions to the atmosphere, reduced energy consumption and has had a more positive environmental impact than anything else.

Since the 1930s, SRM’s compressor technology has been continually developed and major licensees include Atlas Copco, Hitachi, IR, Carrier, York, Trane, Kobelco and other leading industrial companies.

Rotors make the world go around – and saves CO2 and money with every twist. With over 900 patents in 30 + countries, SRM has shown leadership and innovation in energy efficiency for more than 100 years.

Looking back, we feel comfortable looking forward. Our accumulated knowledge is helping us to create value for our customers today, as well as for the society as a whole.

Our engineers’ knowledge and experience benefit both our core technology and the many systems and application we have built around it.

The climate issue is our driver

In the next few decades, renewable energy production, and efficient and smart energy use, will increasingly dominate the energy systems around the world.

This means that we are entering a time characterized by transformation. Reducing emissions and making processes more efficient are already now important to get a competitive advantage. The companies that will be able to adapt to change and use innovative technologies where it makes sense will be successful players on this new and greener field.

We are a part of this transformation by delivering innovative, proven solutions that are a safe investment in uncertain times. Based on our unique, patented rotor machine technology, we are already developing the energy systems of tomorrow, and installing them for customers all over the globe.

Through our combination of world-class technology with industrialized products and systems for energy efficiency, we meet the demands of a changing world.


Company founded by the Ljungström brothers

Birger and Fredrik Ljungström


First double rotating steam turbine

One of our 1 MW turbines was used to operate the generator and also to produce power for London’s underground and was in service for almost 50 years.


Ljungströms air preheater


Screw compressor and expander solutions

Since the 1930’s almost 90% of the screw compressors in the world originate from the patented technologies of SRM.


InEpact Powerbox

SRM has developed world unique systems for waste heat to electricity conversion, based on screw expanders.