Smarter energy use – one key to a sustainable future

Never before have humanity used energy in the quantities that we do now. A necessary change towards a sustainable future is under way, as our cities, vehicles and industries are increasingly powered by renewable energy sources. Hydropower, wind, sun and biofuels are all among the solutions that are helping this transformation. But the real answer may well lie hidden under the ground, or right in front of you.

More than 50 % of all energy used in industrial processes, electricity generation and transportation is lost and not reused today. Wherever there is waste heat currently just emitted to the surroundings, this energy can instead be used to generate electricity, without emitting greenhouse gases.

– Right now we are seeing a quickly growing interest in technologies that transform low waste heat into electricity. They are based on well-known principles but it is not until recently when C02 emissions started to be seen as a cost, that these methods have become cost-efficient.

This means that many industries such as marine and process industries that produce heat as a byproduct can take one step in the direction of becoming climate neutral, or better yet, climate positive.

– Increasingly, these are questions discussed in the board rooms as a company’s energy use, and contribution to sustainable development, is a question of growing strategic importance. Here I think we should remember that it was not long ago that energy use was just seen as a cost for production, so this is changing fast. While re-using energy is smart and has a pure economic value, it also reflects on customer and public demands for an environmentally conscious business, and in the long-term, building a sustainable brand. Our solutions make it possible to invest in profitable “green” projects that reduce the need for added energy, as opposed to e.g. investments in carbon capture or scrubber technology which instead use more energy.

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